Team building

For more pleasant working hours … Relax with your colleagues!

Do you intend to organize a Team building training against exhaustion, or would you like to discuss the troublesome issues with your colleagues?

And all these may be outside the walls of the office? Choose the Guest House of the Seven Chieftains and Holiday Chalets in the heart of Szeklerland. It can be approached easily by car or by bus and you can leave your car in the enclosed car park. The key to a successful Team building is the synergy between the expert, trainer and the proper location, so that they can align together as a team the interests of the company and individual interests. A happier team the members of which got accustomed to each other and a more efficient company can easily deal with the ever changing challenges.

In 16 rooms there is plenty of room for 32 people and if it’s needed, we have spare beds as well. For lectures and trainings there is room for thirty-six people in the dining hall, and the open-air environment is situated in an area which is more than one hectare, moreover you can connect to the world wide web via free Wi-Fi network.
After the discussions, you can relax on the soccer pitch and near the ping-pong table, but there are more things to choose from, take a look :(http://hetvezer.en/ Our services /), and at night the team can sit around the campfire or in the bowers, and have a cup of wine. If the team wants to go hiking we recommend the Zete nature trail.

The genuine Transylvanian surroundings, and the fresh air of the hills, have a positive effect on everybody. From here it is guaranteed that you will return to your everyday life with lasting memories and new ideas.