Frequent Questions


What kind of expenses should you expect if you travel by car?

Today the state of the European, and national roads have improved considerably, they received a new asphalt layer even in Szekler Land.

Road fee (Rovinieta): In Romania car drivers have to pay a road fee, which is valid for every road. It costs a few hundred of forints, but it can only be taken out in some places. It is recommended to be purchased soon after passing the border, at the first PETROM filling station. And it has to be stuck on the windshield. Keep the receipt you receive at your purchase! You can choose from a whole 1 week, 1 month or 1 year lease. It is worthwhile buying a lease for a whole week, and buying two separate leases for 1 week, this way you can save a mug of beer’s price for the night.

Fuel is not much cheaper than in Hungary, at the pumps of the bigger firms, beside the main roads, you can buy good quality fuel. There are many MOL and PETROM filling stations in Szekler Land and Transylvania.


With a European Health Insurance card, you can benefit of the health services if you are from another member state of the EU.

Bus and train service

Bus from Budapest to Székelyudvarhely (15 km from the Guest-house), there are daily bus lines, according to schedule.
Train line between Budapest and Miercurea Ciuc, and between Budapest and Sighisoara (both towns are 60 km away from the guest-house.) There are international train lines, with trains running daily.