Our offer

Our offer for winter

Sliding down the hill, ice skating on the fish pond (lake) or diving under water through a hole cut in the ice for this purpose, after some restful time in the sauna… Sounds good, doesn’t it? You can choose either of them, and you don’t even need to leave the territory of the guest-house.

If you wish to ski, you can reach the Madarasi Mountains situated 20 km away, with your own vehicle equipped with snow-chain or with the help of local guides and their off-road vehicles. You can visit Székelyvarság riding a sledge pulled by horses (sleigh-ride), where you should see the “Csorgókő” waterfall, and from the high-stand you can see as far as the Sóvidék (Salt region) respectively, the Snowy Mountains of Gyergyó (Gheorgheni).

After the chilly weather from outside, you can rest enjoyably near a pitcher of mulled wine, and if you would like to play board games you can choose from the Szeklerland’s Legendry Székelyföldi Legendárium, the Catan, the Honfoglaló (Settlers), Scrabble, Poker, Hungarian Cards or you can play chess.