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Board in place

  • polite and attentive service in a warm manner, friendly staff awaits you;
  • you can ask for breakfast or half board service with the usual (three-course) breakfast and supper, as needed. You can drink mulled wine, and a tea made from 7 herbs (medicinal plants) near the breakfast, and if you arrive with your child, with the baby highchair you can easily solve the feeding;
  • you can wake up after a goodnight’s rest near the forest;
  • you can relax near the birds, deer and squirrels;
  • you can spend your vacation in a family friendly environment;
  • you will be given information, regarding any kind of questions;
  • you can require transportation
  • you can come to team building trainings, different type of meetings or to family reunions.

Programme offers of this region for every season

  • you can sign for an ATV ride, and on the Hargita mountain you can go for a sleigh-ride
  • you can have fun on a folk dance show;
  • you can go for a bear watching from a hide;
  • you can go on traditional crafts demonstrations such as shingle making at Varság (Vărșag)
  • a tractor can take you to the Harghita Mountain and from there you can go hiking to the top;
  • you can see roe and deer in their natural surroundings , 10 km away from the shelter, in the animal park in Izvoare (Ivó) village. The park is 320 hectares large and it is surrounded by mountains.
  • you can ride Icelandic stallions in the riding-school in Izvoare (Ivó) village, situated 8 km away;
  • you can go to see the Küküllő (Târnava) river, as well as the lake in Zeteváralja (Sub Cetate), on the latter one you can go kayaking and canoeing;
  • you can go paintballing;
  • you can go skiing to the nearby ski slopes;

A Hétvezér Panzió – The Guest House of the Seven Chieftains

Is situated in an area which is more than one hectare, totally enclosed, with a closed car park. During your stay, everything serves to your relaxation and entertainment;

You can choose from many different sport activities: you can play soccer on the mini football field, you can play basketball, volleyball, badminton, jump on the trampoline, and the children can splash in the warm pool together with their parents. At the end of the day, near the campfire and a glass of wine you can talk over the events with your family, friends, colleagues, maybe you can plan for tomorrow. In winter after skiing and sledging you can use the sauna on payment.

If you wish to have (bográcsos) slumgullion or grilled meat, three outdoor rotisseries (grills) are at your disposal; moreover you can bake bread, lamb, fish and pig in the oven.

Beside the previously mentioned entertainment facilities, the children can slide, can try out the climbing castle with a mounted swing, an in the evening they can wander in the world of board games.

If you feel so, you can dangle in the small fish-pond situated at our plot, and you can fish in the 140 hectares large storage-lake near the village, for a daily allowance, or you can go boating or swimming; For the latter ones you do not have to pay;

In case you want to use the internet, you connect to our Wi-Fi network for free on the whole territory of the accommodation.

You can choose from the tours organized in the region: cart ride, sleigh-ride, visiting the animal park, hiking in the mountains, rock-climbing, bear watching, and fishing.

You can claim breakfast half board, traditional, home-cooked, home flavoured breakfast and dinner (supper). Healthy Szekler food made from local ingredients.